What is Makerspace?

Start the New Year with a new hobby! Can you even remember the last time you made something, took something apart to see how it worked, or wanted to turn it into something else? Like most of us, you probably haven’t made anything in a while.

What is Makerspace? Makerspace is a structured space for creative exploration. Makerspaces provide hands-on learning, critical thinking, and even boosts self- confidence. Makerspaces can also foster entrepreneurship and help you start/create your own business and/or business items. A few of the skills that can be learned in Makerspaces include but are not limited to electronics, 3D printing, 3D modeling, coding, robotics, and woodworking.

There have been some amazingly successful business stories that began in the Makerspace dating back to the early 2000s when Makerspaces became part of what we call the maker movement. Scrapbooking, tinkering, and other arts and craft activities have been around for quite some time, but the maker movement emphasized hands-on discovery in a world that had become increasingly automated.

In our libraries, we have everything you can think of to help you turn your project into a success. It’s all about the maker and their mindset. You can come with an idea, create something out of nothing, or let the makerspace speak to you and create something truly unique. The best part about makerspaces is working with others in a communal environment and getting to leave with a finished piece.

A few items available to use include:

3D Printer

Poster Maker



Knitting Machine

Sewing Machine


Art and Crafts Supplies