Winter Reading

Remember Summer Reading? Well, it’s very similar, but this time, all you have to do is complete Bingo tasks. You will receive a Bingo sheet that has squares with various reading missions. Once you complete one, mark it off. If the book you are reading counts for multiple squares, then mark those off, too. Pretty soon you will have made a Bingo and will earn a prize!

Starting on November 21st, you can pick up a Bingo card at the library or download a PDF Bingo Card for your age group from the list below.

Prizes are given out when you earn your first Bingo, 3rd Bingo, and for a blackout. (Blackout means you completed ALL the squares.) All participants 18 and over that complete a blackout will be put in a drawing for a tablet bundle.

The challenge is for all ages. You don’t have to have a library card, although we encourage you to get one if you don’t have one.

Download and Print Your Bingo Card

Adult PDF Bingo Card

Teen PDF Bingo Card

Children PDF Bingo Card

Pre-K PDF Bingo Card