The Tiniest Arts Show

“All art has this characteristic––it unites people.” 

After last year’s incredible turnout, the Tiniest Art Show returns for the second year, on exhibit at both branches from March 6th – 31st!  

Embracing the 2023 summer’s reading program theme –– “All Together Now” –– this miniature art exhibit is bringing together patrons of all ages and talents from all across Saline County, to showcase exactly how “Art Unites!” 

Humans crave connection––an instinct that was key to the survival of the first civilizations and that is still vital today. However, the recent worldwide pandemic made connection more complicated. Forced to find new ways to communicate, work, and even learn––society sacrificed face-to-face meetings and physical contact to protect our community from COVID-19. When separated by screens, masks, and six-foot distancing, many of us came to appreciate the emotional and physical closeness we once took for granted.   

We learned how important connection and unity is to our success, growth, and wellbeing as a community, as well as our individual emotional health and sense of belonging. Having meaningful connections with one another helps us thrive, find direction and support in life, and remember that we are not alone. Through this art showcase, we are bringing to life the idea that –– no matter how small –– together we can create something amazing!