Theatre Classes Starting in September!

Starting in September, we will be offering two theatre classes via Zoom, SCL Theater: The Rising Star Players on Fridays at 10:00 AM and Drama Zoom on Tuesdays at 4:00 PM.

SCL Theatre: The Rising Star Players, formerly known as Children’s Theater, will be getting a facelift this year as the age limit extends from 9-12 to 9-18. Tweens and teens alike will now be able to participate in the class, led by our very own Brian Roberson and Mason Newberry, both of whom have extensive knowledge and experience in the theater.

“Personally,” said Roberson, “I have always found the ability to make a decision with overwhelming confidence to be the biggest hurdle in theatre. We want to tackle that through experience with our students by putting students through any and every scenario they will realistically face in the world of theatre.”

SCL Theatre: The Rising Star Players is a show-based prepping and performance program. In this program, students will learn to perform in a theatrical setting. They will be working on acting technique, memorization ability, auditioning, stage direction, and overall theatre etiquette. Once the pandemic is over, they hope to put on a performance for the community to enjoy.

“The class will be a lot of effort and it will require commitment, but when it’s over, they’ll be so proud of what they have accomplished,” said Roberson.

Drama Zoom will be more of a beginner acting class for ages 9-12. Roberson and Newberry will also be teaching this program and will focus on acting exercises to allow students to dip their toes into the drama field. Drama Zoom will be a one-month class throughout September.

Both classes are free and will require registration, but you will only need to register once for the entire semester. Once registered, you will receive the Zoom link where the class will take place each week. Space is limited in both classes, so perfect attendance is encouraged for all participants. We understand some things may pop up one or two times, but to get the most out of the classes, attendees should be present as much as possible.