Winter Reading

Remember Summer Reading? Well, it’s very similar, but this time, all you have to do is complete Bingo tasks. You will receive a Bingo sheet that has squares with various reading missions. Once you complete one, mark it off. If the book you are reading counts for multiple squares, then mark those off, too. Pretty … Continued

Playing Catch-Up: How your library card can help kids with lost learning 

Over the Covid-19 pandemic, many children suffered significant learning loss due to school closures and distance learning.  According to a study by Horace Mann Educators Corporation, more than 97% of teachers reported their students are behind compared to pre-pandemic classes.  As parents and caregivers work with their kids to fill in those learning gaps, the … Continued

Homeschool Hour is BACK!

You heard it here, folks. Homeschool Hour will be resuming once again in full swing starting the first Wednesday of September and continuing through November.  We have heard your requests and we are pleased to announce that we can host our typical Homeschool Hour in the building again!  Here’s a quick rundown of how Homeschool … Continued

Ms. Becca’s Go-To Adventure Spots

Looking for something fun (and free!) to do this summer? Here are a few of Ms. Becca’s favorite go-to adventure spots! Kingfisher Trail at Pinnacle Mountain State Park has a playground, picnic tables, and a shaded paved walking path perfect for strollers and bikes. See Cyprus knees and explore the wildlife that lives in and … Continued

Dewey Do Not: Phasing out the Dewey Decimal System 

Have you ever tried to find a book for a school project? Often, your teacher might ask you to find a non-fiction book, which is a book filled only with facts, but when you look in the card catalog to find a book it might give you a long list of numbers with a decimal! … Continued

Homemade Marble Run

Don’t be bored this summer– get creative and make something! Here’s project that’s fun to do and will impress your friends. All you need is a cardboard box lid, some popsicle sticks, hot glue and a marble. Take a look at these different ideas for making a marble run from Instructions 1. Lay the … Continued

Dig Deeper at the Library for Summer Reading 2022!

Summer Reading Challenge at the Saline County Library starts on Monday, June 6th. All ages can enjoy age-specific programs weekly at both the Bob Herzfeld and Mabel Boswell branches. It’s easy to participate and fun for all ages, including adults! Online registration will start May 23rd. Challengers can sign up using the Beanstack app or … Continued

Dyslexia Resources at the Library 

Did you know that approximately 20% of Americans have dyslexia? Dyslexia is a learning disability that causes difficulties in language processing, usually with reading, writing, and spelling. Despite these challenges, the library can still be a wonderful and friendly space for dyslexic and other struggling readers.  In the Juvenile First Chapter section we’ve got books … Continued

2022 Spring Programs

We have a large variety of recurring spring programs beginning in January, as well as special programs throughout the season! Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, most programs will require registration and will have a limited number of spots available. Programmers do reserve the right to cancel any programs or change them to virtual as … Continued

Color Poetry Lessons!

Let’s try writing a color poem. First think of a color you want to write your poem about… I’ll use Green as an example. Now let’s brainstorm: What things look (green)?Apples, markers, caterpillars, shady trees What things sound (green)?Lawnmowers What things smell (green)?Grass, flowers, rain What things taste (green)?Vegetables What things feel (green)?Gardens, forests How … Continued